What’s The Best Way To Recover My Body After A Hard Workout?

What you do after your workout is just as important as the workout itself. Post-workout activities are part of the process in muscle gain, weight loss and reducing muscle soreness. It’s also the best way to boost your energy levels so that you avoid getting fatigued and bombing out during your next workout. So, what are some of the best ways to recover after a nice, hard workout? Let’s find out!

Keep hydrated

Every athlete or fitness-conscious person knows how important it is to keep hydrated throughout the day. It’s even more important when you’ve just finished a workout. Think about how much sweat you’ve just expelled from your body and how much water is needed to replace it. Aim to drink at least 500mL of water after your workout and drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day afterwards. You can also drink coconut water and green tea.

Eat something healthy

You’ve just burned loads of energy and your body is going to need some replenishment on that front too. Within 45 minutes of finishing your hard workout, eating some healthy to keep your energy levels up. Aim to eat something that has carbs and protein, like oats with fruit and yoghurt or a poached egg with avocado on whole grain toast.

Cool down

After your workout, one of the most important ways of recovering your body is to do a cool-down. Take deep breaths to deliver oxygen to your muscles while releasing tension. Light jogging and walking is one common way to cool down, followed by a series of stretches: upper body, knee-to-chest, seated forward bend, reclining butterfly, child’s pose and finishing up with five minutes of the savasana yoga pose (lying outstretched and breathing deeply).

Light exercise on rest days

Your muscles need time to recover after a hard workout, which is where rest days come into play. On these rest days, you can still do light exercise to keep your muscles moving, like swimming, walking and yoga. Active recovery exercises help to stop lactic acid build-up, remove toxins and increase blood circulation.

Cold shower or ice bath

Cold showers and ice baths are two great ways to recover your muscles after a hard workout. The cold eases muscular tension and prevents inflammation – and it’s even said to help with sleep, which is something most Australians don’t get enough of.

We hope these tips help you master the art of post-workout recovery. If you’d like further advice or treatment, book in for an appointment with Perfect Motion Physiotherapy. As Adelaide’s most dedicated team of physios, they help educate, prevent, support and treat as part of a holistic approach to body wellness. Perfect Motion Physiotherapy have helped countless athletes with treatment and workout plans, so make the move to Perfect Motion today.

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