What are the key benefits of Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an often misunderstood field of medical treatment.

Many people associate physiotherapy with the treatment of sports injuries.

It is true that professional sports teams employ physiotherapists and sports injuries are regularly treated by physiotherapists.

However, sports injuries are just one of many issues that can be treated with physiotherapy.

By definition, physiotherapy “uses physical techniques to improve movement, reduce pain and stiffness, speed up the healing process and increase quality of life”.

Physiotherapists are skilled medical professionals who are trained to diagnose and assist in the treatment of a range of conditions with the body’s bones, muscles, nerves and even the cardiovascular system.

How can physiotherapy help me?

Physiotherapists can help treat a range of issues, using a vast array of proven techniques.

Physiotherapists can massage parts of your body, manipulate your joints, stretch your muscles, use appropriate electrotherapy modalities and provide tailored exercise programs for you to do.

Some of the things that physiotherapy can be used to treat include the following:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain – Physiotherapy can help patients who are suffering from conditions including arthritis, as well as those experiencing back, knee or hip pain. Muscle sprains and aches can also be treated. An assessment with a physiotherapist is a great starting point regardless of whether your pain has been chronic for years or has only recently arisen.
  • Pre-surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation – Physiotherapy is often vital to getting you back moving freely after a surgery and can assist in getting strength back in your muscles. It can also help you prepare in the lead-up to surgery.
  • Manage sporting injuries – Sport is great fun and can bring about significant overall health benefits. However, injuries do happen. Physiotherapists can help treat a range of sports injuries, from soft-tissue issues like hamstring strains to joint injuries like ACL tears and even Golfer’s elbow.
  • Injury prevention – Physiotherapists can help address any weaknesses or injury risks before an injury occurs, which can be particularly helpful ahead of a sporting season.
  • Manage work injuries – While workplaces have to adhere to strict safety guidelines, injuries do happen at work. Physiotherapy can help treat the injury and get you back to work sooner.
  • Neurological conditions and chronic diseases – Physiotherapy can help patients with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis as well as those with chronic diseases like diabetes, chronic fatigue, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and obesity.
  • Improve posture – The spine is a central figure in one’s health. If your posture is poor, you could enjoy great benefits from seeing a physiotherapist to help realign your spine.
  • Improve quality of life – As we age, our mobility decreases. Physiotherapy can help get you back moving more freely and get you doing some of the things you love once again.

How can I unlock these physiotherapy benefits and more?

At Perfect Motion Physiotherapy, we are a leading provider of both in-clinic and mobile physiotherapy services in Adelaide.

We have two convenient clinic locations in Kurralta Park and Royston Park and we can assess, diagnose and effectively treat you so that you can live everyday life the way you deserve, in perfect motion!

We will tailor a treatment plan that will work best for the individual needs of your body.

We also treat a wide variety of clients under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Aged Care

Contact us today on 08 8337 7821.

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