My Back’s Been Hurting Since Working From Home, What Should I Do?

Working from home has become a new part of daily life for many Australians. It comes with its perks: getting up later, not getting out of your pyjamas till 12, always having an episode of your fav Netflix series on in the background, and drinking as many cups of tea as your bladder can handle. But it has definitely had a few negative effects too, like loss of interaction with co-workers and something else that physios have seen a rise in: back pain.

Back pain can be due to a range of different things, so it’s hard to pinpoint the issue without seeing a physio face-to-face. But if your back has started hurting since you’ve been working from home, there’s a good chance of a correlation between the two. Here’s what you should do if you’ve had a sore back since working from home.

See a physio

It’s the first thing you should do whenever you’re experiencing persistent muscle or joint pain: see a physio. Physios learn about your daily life, assess your symptoms and pinpoint the cause of your back pain in relation to you working from home. Then, they’ll provide treatment, advice, exercises and stretches for you to do in your own time.

Exercises and stretches

Seeing a physio isn’t just about getting treatment – it’s about learning techniques of how to assist yourself in feeling better. Two of the ways you can do this is by doing the exercises and stretches given to you by your physio. These are designed to target the parts of your body in which you’re experiencing pain, loosening them up and strengthening them.

Invest in a new chair or ergonomic aids

If you’re going to work from home long-term, then it’s definitely a good idea to invest in a proper office chair that supports good posture and doesn’t contribute to back pain. Physios have seen a rise in reports of back pain since working from home has become more common, and much of this is due to poor quality seating and, therefore, poor posture.

Use a lumbar pillow or rolled up towel to support your back
If you have a proper office chair, then you can support your back even more by placing a lumbar pillow or a rolled up towel behind your back when seated. This offers extra support, keeping your back nice and straight while you watch that next Netflix epi… ah, we mean, type that office report.

Your Body Posture

In case the symptoms do not change in spite of modifying your seating position then it is necessary to see you Physio to see why your body is not holding the correct posture. Your Physio can diagnose if it is related to tight joints, soft tissues or nerve related problems and help correct the problem.

Don’t hesitate to call the experienced physios at Perfect Motion Physiotherapy – Adelaide’s most dedicated team of physiotherapists. Perfect Motion Physios base their work around the four core philosophies of education, prevention, support and treatment. They’ve helped countless other patients treat and cure their back pain and can help you do the same. To make an appointment, head to their bookings page or call them up today.

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