Is Pain Normal After Starting a New Activity?

Starting a new activity is a lot of fun. It could be something simple like bushwalking or a new sport like squash (seriously underrated game), or it could be a new yoga pose that you’re not used to, or a new weightlifting regime which you haven’t done before. Whatever activity it is that’s new to you, you might have found that you experience pain after doing it. This can be concerning if you’re not used to it, and you might start thinking whether or not it’s normal.

To answer the question accurately, we’ve got to look at a few different factors. While most of the time it is normal to experience a little pain after starting a new activity, there are certainly some instances when it’s not.

What type of pain is it?

The type of pain you’re experiencing is super important to figure out when asking this question. Let’s say you’ve started jogging, which you haven’t had much experience in beforehand. If your calf and quad muscles are sore after jogging and the pain lasts a couple of days but then resolves itself, this is a relatively normal thing to happen.

Reducing muscle pain after starting a new activity

Muscle pain after starting a new activity can be reduced by stretches and cooling down. Before you commence the activity, like jogging or weightlifting, make sure your stretches the muscles you’re going to be using for at least 30 seconds each. Your physiotherapist will be able to provide you with some great stretching techniques to keep those muscles limber before you put them to use. Cooling down after your workout is another essential step. This involves deep breathing, stretching and resting in order to revitalise the body.

Joint pain

Joint pain after starting a new activity isn’t quite as normal as muscle pain. If you feel a pain in your joints after doing a certain exercise, then it’s best to stop doing the exercise and consult your physio first. Joint pain could be a sign that you’re not doing the exercise 100% correctly, or that your body isn’t agreeing with the exercise.

Ongoing pain

If you started a new activity and have since experienced consistent pain, then it’s time to consult a physio. Only a face-to-face assessment will be able to clarify and resolve the pain you’re experiencing.

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