How Quickly Can I Get Back To Exercising After An Injury?

Injuries are never fun. In fact, they’re pretty much the exact opposite of fun. They might prevent you from working, from exercising and from carrying out the duties of daily life. That’s why it’s so important to do the right things for your body and help it get back on track as soon as possible. Something that physios get asked all the time, by athletes, gym and fitness enthusiasts, is how quickly can they get back to exercising after an injury.

The answer depends on a few different factors, and it’s never easy to say without being professionally assessed and monitored by a physiotherapist. Let’s discuss some of those factors and tell you where to go if you need top tier physiotherapy in Adelaide.

Severity of the injury

Some injuries are more severe than others, so this is the first thing that you’ve got to consider when thinking about returning to exercise. A sprained ankle, for example, might only take you a couple of weeks to recover from and then you’re good to go. A disc protrusion may take a lot longer, and a torn ACL might take longer again. There’s no exact time for it to be OK to return to exercise; every injury is different for the individual.

Attention to your physio’s advice

The more you pay attention to your physiotherapist’s advice, the quicker you’ll be able to get back to exercising after an injury. The advice given by your physio may include rest, stretching and specific exercises to activate and strengthen the muscles around the injury. Physios will often tell you that their treatment of your injury is only 50 per cent of the recovery: the other 50 per cent comes down to what you do at home, i.e. your stretches an exercises.

Get the all clear from your physio

No matter how much you’re itching to return to exercising on a regular basis, you can’t make a move until your physio gives you the green light. Imagine the heartbreaking feeling of exacerbating your injury because you got impatient and took things too far, too soon.

Take things slow upon your return

Don’t be a hero and go straight to working your body to its absolute limits straight away; take things slow instead. You may not have used those injured muscles for weeks, if not months, so it’s likely that they won’t yet be able to handle what you were doing before the injury.

It is important that your muscles and joints do not develop faulty movement patterns and overload the joints by returning too soon just because you experience less pain.

Injuries require assessment from a top team of physiotherapists like the ones at Perfect Motion Physiotherapy. As one of Adelaide’s leading physio clinics, the team at Perfect Motion focus on education, prevention, support and treatment to help you get you back on track after sustaining an injury. Don’t hesitate to call up their friendly staff and make an appointment today.

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