5 Common Signs You May Need Professional Support

If you’ve never seen a physiotherapist before, then you might not know the signs that you need one. Professional support from a physiotherapist is one of the best ways to help your body recover from ongoing pain or an injury. Physiotherapy is used for a myriad of health issues – from sprained muscles to achy joints to back pain to migraines. If you’re considering seeing a physio, here are 5 common signs you need their professional support.

1) You’re experiencing ongoing pain

One of the sole reasons why physios exist is to assess, treat and cure pain. If you’re experiencing pain of any kind, then it’s a strong indicator that you should see a physiotherapist. Some injuries are minor and resolve themselves quite quickly, but some don’t. The longer you’ve been experiencing ongoing pain, the sooner you should make an appointment with a physio to receive their professional support.

2) You struggle with daily tasks

Your pain may not be agonising, but it could be enough to prevent you from completing your daily tasks. Lower back pain, for example, might be affecting you when unloading the dishwasher or making dinner. Experiencing pain while completing daily tasks isn’t something that you should have to deal with. If this is the case, then don’t hesitate to seek professional support from a physiotherapist.

3) You’re thinking about it

It may seem obvious, but if you’re thinking about reaching out to a physio, then you probably should. There’s no harm in seeking out help from a physio, even if it turns out you’ve got a very simple problem to fix, or an injury that will most likely resolve itself. If your body tells you that you should see a physio, then it’s a good idea to listen to it.

4) It’s getting in the way of work

Experiencing pain at work is another sign you should seek professional support from a physiotherapist. Pain at work can hinder your ability to perform, whether you’re sitting behind a desk or doing physical work on a site. Regardless of your profession, pain at work is never good.

5) Your doctor has recommended it

If your doctor has recommended physiotherapy, then take their advice! Doctors can only do so much before they recommend a specialist like a physiotherapist. Physios have specific knowledge about the function of your body and can give you the right treatment and stretches to provide effective relief.

If you’ve decided you need professional support from a physiotherapist, contact the team at Perfect Motion Physiotherapy. With two convenient practices in Adelaide, the team at Perfect Motion Physiotherapy pride themselves on delivering a high quality of care to all of their patients, focussing on support, education, treatment and prevention of injuries. Get in touch with Perfect Motion Physiotherapy and start moving again today.

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