5 Benefits of Joint Mobilisation

Ever felt like your joints are bit like a door that won’t open or close properly? With a door, the solution is usually to use some kind of lubricant like WD-40, which allows the hinge to move freely without that annoying squeaking sound. For humans, on the other hand, health practitioners need to use a different technique to let the ‘hinges’ of our joints move freely. Joint mobilisation is one of the main techniques used by physios and it has a range of benefits. Here are our top five!

1) Increased mobilisation

Your joints play a massive role in your mobilisation – in other words, the way that you move. If your joints aren’t moving freely, it’s likely that your body in general isn’t moving freely either. Let’s say your knee joint is a little stiff – walking, then, might present a challenge or some pain for you. Joint mobilisation aims to increase the ability to move, thus letting your body function the way it was designed to.

2) Reduced pain

A lot of the time, when our joints are stiff and rigid, we experience pain. Joints are a common place to experience pain, especially after a sports injury of some sort. Physios use joint mobilisation techniques to safely get the joint moving again which reduces inflammation and pain.

3) Increases flexibility in your joints

Joint mobilisation can also help to increase the flexibility in your joints. Think of your joints as a door hinge again. If the hinge is stiff and not sufficiently lubricated, then the door won’t be able to move very far. But if it’s able to move freely, then the door can be open the whole way without any trouble. The same idea applies to joint flexibility: mobilisation of the joints helps to increase the range of motion, allowing you to move in ways that you weren’t able to before!

4) Treatment of injuries and conditions

Injuries and conditions can be successfully treated by joint mobilisation. Physios use joint mobilisation to treat a variety of injuries and conditions, including tendonitis, bursitis, disc protrusions and more. Joint mobilisation is a natural way to help treat these conditions without resorting to other more invasive forms of treatment like cortisone injections and surgery.

5) It feels good

One of the most obvious benefits of joint mobilisation is that it makes us feel good! Joint mobilisation provides relief from pain and helps us to get moving again, so we can continue doing the things we love to do.

More importantly, this can help improve your posture and correct faulty movement patterns by release the stiffness which makes it easier for your muscles to function effectively.

If you’re in need of professional joint mobilisation techniques, contact the team at Perfect Motion Physiotherapy and book in for an appointment. Their highly skilled physios are trained in a various forms of joint mobilisation and other techniques to help you get moving again. Make the move to Perfect Motion Physiotherapy today.


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